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About us | Akerpol

75 Zbiegniewskiej St. * 87-800 Włocławek * Poland
+48 512 901 307

About us

our products - your success

AKERPOL started its activity in 2009. Initially we dealt with the distribution of recycled plastic products. With our growing customer base, we expanded our offer with additional materials and products.

We service large companies and individual clients. We execute orders of any size.
Products for individual orders: it is possible to make individual designs, colors and dimensions (outside the catalog offer) of recycled plastic products

On special orders of our products from recycled plastics we also provide services:

  • Making ready-made products (cutting and twisting)
  • Twist
  • Cutting to size
  • Cutting out different shapes

We operate in Poland and the European Union. We are ready for a comprehensive investment in the range of solutions we offer - we help you choose the best-fit products, delivery and assembly.

Akerpol about us

Cooperation - who we work with


Taking good care of administered terrains and optimizing budget is a great challange for administrators. AKERPOL comes to aid in your project with offer customized to your needs and budget so you can focus on other important tasks. Let us help you with your tasks!

Fences, railings, toilets for our four legged friends, benches or WEMA crates. You`ll find them all in our stock. Don`t hesitate to ask our sales representatives about possibilities!


Do you take functionality and quality of implemented soutions when designing new projects?

If you do then you are in right place! Choose products that are verified by market. Explore our choice of components, and customize them to your or your project needs.

construction companies

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of components made from recycled materials that fit your budget ask our sales department about offer.

Always on time with professional advise and high quality commodities - all you need in one place!

klienci indywidualni

Keep aesthetics and funcionality for many years thanks to our products. Explore possibilities for your home and garden that AKERPOL gives you.

Don`t wait - contact us fo more information